The Board Members on the Cedar Shores POA board (the legal name for The Canyons) are nominated and voted on by the POA members in December. There are typically 8 -10 members who all take on a primary position or tasks to solve. Topics are discussed and determinations are made as to what is the best solution for each issue, whether it be a deed compliance issue, road issue or a repair issue, etc. at the monthly meetings. To learn more, join the property owners email list and once confirmed, ask your questions! Go to the home page to enter your information to join the list.

The Board meets on the Second Saturday of each month. Community residents are invited for a general discussion at 10:30 after the meeting.

The commitment is minimal, but the benefits are numerous. 

Terms are for two years beginning in January. This is a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Meet fellow Board Members
  • Make decisions regarding The Canyons
  • Learn what is going on
  • Get involved
  • Meet your neighbors
  • Improve and preserve your Canyons Community

For 2024, three current Board Members are cycling off and one Board Member is running for a second term. We also have four additional seats to fill for a total of five names on the ballot.

If you are interested in the above opportunity please email us at:

For privacy, the board names are not listed on the website. The bylaws for the community board are available here:

Thank you!